Futuremark designs spectacular 3D interface for Audi

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Futuremark designs spectacular 3D interface for Audi

San Jose (CA) – It was only a matter of time. The automotive industry is just as impressed by 3D advancements as we are and has hiring companies that we all know and like – to change the way how we drive. One of the shining examples is a 3D interface from the latest Nissan GT-R, which was designed by the Gran Turismo designers. But what Futuremark did for Audi is simply astounding.

The developer of PC benchmarks such as 3DMark and PCMark designed a 3D interface that changes the way how car communicates with the driver.

What has become a science-fiction display, will change on the fly, depending on your current activities. For example, if  you are driving on a high-way and wish to stop and grab a bite to eat or fill the car with gas, the GPS interface not only will point you to the nearest restaurant or gas station, but your dashboard will also adjust dynamically. We invite you to take a look at our gallery to get an impression how this new interface will look like.

Audi plans to offer this interface as an option in its upcoming car range, probably starting with Audi Q5, a downsized version of its big SUV, the Q7. 



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