Intel G45 motherboards get quad-display support

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Intel G45 motherboards get quad-display support

Palo Alto (CA) – Multi-monitor capability is slowly, but surely becoming a mainstream trend, especially in business environments. And if two monitors are just not enough, then there is a new convenient solution coming your way very soon.

The number of monitors supported by one system is typically limited by the number of graphics card outputs, which is a nice for Nvidia and ATI, as it enables both companies to sell their low-end GPUs as more expensive Quadro NVS and FirePro models with four display interfaces.  The other alternative, of course, is DisplayLink, a company that specializes in transmitting visual data through a USB link. So far, DisplayLink support was only provided to displays that included the firm’s DP-120/160 chips.

DisplayLink has decided to provide its technology through a license model and it appears that the first major customer is Intel. According to DisplayLink, Intel’s 4 Series chipset for desktop and notebook displays will support four displays at the same time: Two displays are supported through conventional outputs, while two more displays can be connected via USB 2.0.

To get an idea what performance you can expect from USB displays, read our review here.


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