U.S.-based company builds military-grade simulator for Ferrari F1 team

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U.S.-based company builds military-grade simulator for Ferrari F1 team

Maranello (Italy) and East Aurora (NY) – Formula One teams spend tens of millions of dollars on air-tunnels, super-computers and simulators to improve the features of its cars, engines components and the abilities of its drivers. Ferrari has always been a bit ahead of the competition with new technology and pioneers a new technology for the racing series once again: The team has contracted a company to build the most realistic driving simulator in Formula One’s history.

Moog is typically dealing with the aerospace and defense industry and builds various aircraft, spacecraft, weapon and missile controls as well as simulators. We were told that the company will now develop a “next-generation” simulator that will be installed in one of the new buildings in Ferrari’s headquarter in Maranello. According to our sources, U.S.-based Moog will use specialized versions of AMD-ATI hardware for the system. Apparently, it was AMD who brought Moog and Ferrari together on one table.

Both Moog and Ferrari confirmed that an agreement was signed. In a short statement, Ferarri’s Marco Fainello saidK “The dynamic driving simulator is a new step for us in developing virtual tests that give drivers the true feel of a real environment and direct feedback on their actions”.

Ferrari’s F1 drivers had a different reaction. While Felipe Massa welcomes the simulator, the current world champion Kimi Raikkonen showed some skepticism: “To be honest, that is something I do not like,” he said. “I’ve always been able to get to know a new race track very fast.”

The simulator will be available for the 2009 season.


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