Lian-Li solves Xbox 360 overheating dilemma

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Lian-Li solves Xbox 360 overheating dilemma

Taipei (Taiwan) – Most, if not all problems the Xbox 360 console had over the past several years were related to the fact that Microsoft chose a cost-effective, but very weak cooling solution. If you’re willing to void your warranty, Lian-Li has a solution for you.


This company finally released its Xbox 360 aluminum case, which we first saw in prototype-state back at Computex Taipei in June. Back then, we were impressed with the way Lian-Li approached the problems and potentials of the Xbox 360 console.

Lian-Li developed aluminum case that transforms Xbox 360 into a silent console, with all components being cooled properly. The company pitches the case as an opportunity to transform the game console into a HTPC machine, eliminating the annoying noise created by the fan.

No word on pricing yet.


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