Spike Lee’s next big project: movie by cell phones

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Spike Lee's next big project: movie by cell phones

New York (NY) – Renowned filmmaker Spike Lee has announced an intriguing partnership for his next project – Nokia.  

Lee wants to create a full-fledged movie using scenes shot entirely with mobile phone footage.  People from across the world will be able to shoot video and submit it for inclusion in the final product.

“You are seeing first hand the democratization of film.  Aspiring filmmakers no longer have to go to film school to make great work. With a simple mobile phone, almost anyone can now become a filmmaker,” said Lee in a statement.

Although he has produced and directed a number of successful mainstream movies, Lee has also created some off-the-beaten path and sometimes controversial films including the 2006 Katrina documentary “How the Levees Broke.”

The movie, produced by Nokia Creations, a company created alongside Spike Lee’s partnership, will reportedly consits of three acts.  Information about each act will be posted online, and users will be able to film their interpretation of the posting.  Selected entries will then be used in the movie.  

The only catch is everything must be recorded with a cell phone camera (but that doesn’t mean you can’t still film your scene in HD). Users can also enter text, photos and music submissions for inclusion in the movie.

“Help us push the boundaries of creativity and co-create a film using your mobile phone,” said Lee in a video on the newly created Nokia Productions website.

Submissions for act one are open to the public now, with the description, “Humanity is our central theme. Think about its meaning and how music tells our story.”