Qwest intros 20 Mb/s fiber optic broadband Internet

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Qwest intros 20 Mb/s fiber optic broadband Internet

Denver (CO) – It is an old story, broadband in this country isn’t a fun topic to talk
about. Bandwidths available to consumers is trailing the bandwidth
available in the top 10 broadband nations around the world, while we
are in the leading group when we look at how much you pay for your
blazing fast Internet access.

At least those who can live in Qwest territory, however, now have the option to upgrade their service without having to mortgage their house. The company is offering 12 Mb/s access for $46.99 and 20 Mb/s for $99.99 per month. These prices are guaranteed “for life”, which means that consumers are protected from nasty price increases that come along once in a while.

Qwest’s offer can be an interesting economical solution: Comcast’s cable (6 Mb/s) and Verizon’s FiOS service (5 Mb/s) are available for $42.95, while Verizon also offers a 15 Mb/s (2 Mb/s uploads) for $52.99 and a 15 Mb/s (15 Mb/s uploads) for $64.99. There is also a business-class 30 Mb/s package for at least $239.99 per month.

AT&T’s “fastest Internet for the price” plans top out a 6 Mb/s at $35 per month.    

In an international view, U.S. broadband services only look decent because of the weak dollar. For example, Deutsche Telekom offers a 16 Mb/s  for 49.95 Euro per month.  

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