Nintendo annual sales reach nearly 50 million hardware units

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Nintendo annual sales reach nearly 50 million hardware units

Kyoto (Japan) – Nintendo reported its fourth quarter results today, surpassing expectations as it reached nearly a billion dollars.  The Japan-based video game giant reported a net profit of 93.2 billion yen ($900 million) in the Jauary – March period.

During Nintendo’s fiscal year, which runs from March to March, it achieved profits of over 257.34 billion yen ($2.5 billion), a new company record.

Over the last 12 months Nintendo sold more than 18.6 million Wii units worldwide as well as over 30.3 million DS handhelds.  Lifetime Wii sales total 24.45 million units, it said.

Unbelievably, the Wii remains elusive in most retail stores.  To combat this problem, Nintendo said it will ramp up its production to make 2.4 million units per month by this summer.  It currently produces a monthly amount of 1.8 million.  

“Nintendo’s strategy is to accelerate the current sales momentum from ‘must-have for every family’ to ‘must-have for everyone’ by continuously introducing new and unique software and introducing new services which take advantage of its expanded installed base,” said Nintendo in its financial report.

The Japanese releases of Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros Brawl were huge booms for Nintendo.  The US release of Brawl was also a success, although it came out at the tail end of the fiscal year.  Wii Fit is coming out to the US in May.                                                        


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