Rolling Stones "depend" on Macs and iPods

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Rolling Stones "depend" on Macs and iPods

iPods are typically used for carrying your music with you wherever you go, but the ubiquitous multimedia player has far more uses than for listening to music. In an interesting Variety piece , Apple’s former video boss explains that The Rolling Stones are using iPods to transfer and review concert footage filmed by its crew.

Richard Kerris, who previously was in charge of Apple’s video department and now is Lucasfilm’s chief technology officer, revealed the technicalities behind The Rolling Stones’ use of Apple’s technologies. Apparently, the band records its live performances directly to a Mac laptop for subsequent video editing and publishing. Mac laptops are used throughout the process, from capturing and digitizing raw footage to editing and composing as well as compressing and publishing.

 The report suggests that Mick Jagger has been using iPods for several years. According to the report, It was Jagger’s idea to use the iPod to review band’s performances the very same day. “I want to get every night’s show so I can listen to it that night and know what was good and what didn’t work, etc.”, Jagger reportedly said. Richard Kerris was hired to implement the technology and developing a system that enables daisy-chained to be synchronized in one step.

The band’s professional use of iPods began years ago, according to the executive. “It started on the 40 Licks tour, recording every single show for years. If you look at any of the old videos from that tour you’ll see a Mac laptop sitting behind Charlie Watts.”