The ultimate Star Wars gadget: R2-D2 projector in production

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The ultimate Star Wars gadget: R2-D2 projector in production

Plano (TX) – One of most original products we saw at this years’ CES show in Las Vegas was a series of Star Wars gadgets, most notably Nikko’s R2-D2 webcam and almost life-size projector. We’ve have just received word from the company that both are in production and are available for order.

If you read about these products for the first time, you probably react with the same question as we have before: Why exactly would you buy an R2-D2 projector? A live demonstration or at least the demo on Nikko’s website could provide an answer.

What makes the projector special is not only the fact that it is an almost real-size reproduction of the movie droid with movie production capabilities, it can also move around the mouse and project videos where you want to. On outside walls, inside walls, the ceiling – heck, you can even project it into a tree, but don’t complain if he picture was not perfect. Sure, you can carry around your portable projector as well, but it isn’t as fancy as driving around R2-D2 (and if you need to carry R2-D2 once in a while it isn’t terribly heavy: 14 pounds).

R2-D2 also includes a Millennium Falcon remote, which covers the features of the projector and the robot.

Nikko says the projector will support video sizes of up to 260” at a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, a contrast ratio of 1800:1 and a brightness of 1500 lumens. Playback formats include DVD, CD, VCD, MP4, MP3, WMA, JPEG and DivX 3-6. Owners can also connect their iPod through an integrated dock.
All these features and the privilege of owning one of these projectors come at a price: Plan on spending $2900 for this R2-D2.

Nikko also offers a smaller desktop version of R2-D2 as a webcam. It also can move around the desk (or house, if you want to) and it can be controlled via Wi-Fi and even from a remote location over the Internet. The camera has a 628×582 pixel resolution and allows users to record video for playback. The webcam comes with a light saber-style IP phone, which can be used for VoIP phone calls. The small R2-D2 sells for $400.