Lost in 3G iPhone rumors? Here is what we know.

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Lost in 3G iPhone rumors? Here is what we know.

Feature – As we are heading into another week of what we expect to bring new information and speculation about Apple’s 3G iPhone and iPhone 2.0, we felt that it was time to separate fact from fiction. There is quite a bit of reliable information that outlines the specifications and enables us to draw conclusions what the new generation iPhone will offer. We will update this article as new information becomes available. Read on to get up to date on the Apple 3G iPhone specifications as of today.

It is simply amazing how much attention Apple’s iPhone attracts. It’s obvious the device is being prepared for a WWDC despite there has been no definite confirmation from Apple yet. Other than last year, when we were waiting for the first-gen iPhone, we have a number of sources contributing to a puzzle that gets new pieces every day. Over the past three weeks, this puzzle has seen larger portions being completed – and as we go along, speculations turn into unconfirmed features, giving us a clearer picture what the phone will look like and give you a better idea if there is any reason to wait in line or not.   

Developers are scrutinizing the SDK firmware files, looking for clues on features. Analysts are keeping a close eye on Far East manufacturers that are reportedly gearing up for a 3G iPhone production. Insiders are examining Apple’s patent filings. Publications such as ours receive information from industry sources. In fact, the leaks are frequent enough to make us wonder whether this is one huge marketing show staged by Apple.

We won’t complain though and have compiled the key features revealed so far. Feel free to drop us a line if we have missed one. Of course, as long as Steve Jobs doesn’t pull the 3G iPhone out of his pocket, nothing is set in stone and you should take any information about this product with a grain of salt.  

Design and casing

– Slightly redesigned casing
– Less “plasticky” feeling on the back
– Slimmer profile, around 0.36” or 9.1 mm (2.5 mm thinner than current gen iPhone)
– Less weight. The 3G iPhone is expected to weigh about 120 grams (compared to about 135 grams of the current model)


 Infineon S-GOLD 3 multimedia processor
– 3G (HSDPA/UMTS) data transfer supporting up to 7.2 MB/s bandwidth
– Hardware GPS module for GPS navigation
– 640×480 display resolution for reproduction of recorded videos and iTunes movies at “near-DVD” quality, without any rescaling
– Smoother video playback and faster graphics in games and graphics-intensive third-party apps
– Accelerometer with increased sensitivity
– No memory card slots
– No user-replaceable battery (but we sure hope that it will be more capable than the current battery)

Photo and video capabilities

– Combined video/photo camera
– Increased camera resolution. Up to 5 megapixels are supported, but may not be utilized
– 640 x 480 video recording at 30 FPS, H.264-compressed


– SDK and third-party apps improve the breadth of software available
– Videoconferencing and VoIP surface
– Mobile social networking, allowing iPhone users to share any kind of content
– Wi-Fi iTunes Store will extend beyond music, turning the iPhone in a mobile version of Apple TV

Models and price points

3G iPhone:
– 8 GB for $399
– 16GB for $499
– Possible 32GB for $599

Upgraded iPod touch:
– 8 GB for $299
– 16GB for $399
– 32GB for $499
– Possible 64GB for $599

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