AT&T becomes flagship retailer to use Microsoft Surface

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AT&T becomes flagship retailer to use Microsoft Surface

San Bruno (CA) – If you head out to AT&T’s “Experience” store in San Bruno, California, you’ll find the first retail use of Microsoft’s Surface operating system on a large coffee table touch-screen.

Consumers can step up to the table to interact with the screen and check out different AT&T mobile phones available.

It works like this: pick up a phone and place it down on the screen to instantly receive a ton of details about that phone.  Technical specs, mobile features and pricing plans will show up alongside the device, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Users can also put two phones side-by-side and compare their features on one screen.  Additionally, consumers are able to manipulate some of the on-screen presentation.  For example, the software allows users to touch different colors and designs on the screen to see what the phone would look like with that setting.

One other feature it has in an interactive coverage map, allowing users to zoom in and out, and pan across the country to see where AT&T service is available and how strong the signal is.

Promotional image of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has dedicated the platform initially to professional customers.  The software giant’s favorite example seems to be installing systems in bars or restaurants, where users could order and pay for their food from the touch-screen panel.

The object recognition technology is the biggest draw.  Seen with AT&T’s mobile phone feature, Microsoft says it could also be used by having customers simply place down their credit card on the screen to pay for an item.

The San Bruno AT&T store is reportedly on tap to receive six Surface systems in total.