Bus driver blindly follows GPS, tries to fit 12-foot bus into 9-foot tunnel

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Bus driver blindly follows GPS, tries to fit 12-foot bus into 9-foot tunnel

Seattle (WA) – It doesn’t take a math genius to know that a 12-foot tall bus won’t fit into a 9-foot high tunnel, but that’s exactly what a bus driver tried to do on Thursday in Seattle.  The bus was carrying a high school softball team and 21 students and coaches were sent to the hospital in the resulting crash.  The driver blames his GPS unit and told police he didn’t see the numerous low clearance warning lights or signs leading up to the tunnel.

The nearly 12-foot high bus slammed into the tunnel and nearly had its roof sheared off.  You can see the amazing pictures of the crash on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website.  It’s amazing that no one was killed in that crash.

Conveniently the driver blames the GPS unit, but most people would agree that common sense and your eyesight would override anything a gadget would say.  Ted Gartner with Garmin told the Post-Intelligencer that drivers still need to obey all the rules of the road “at all times”.

Steve Abegg, president of the bus company also blames the GPS unit and told the news paper that he thought it would be a safe router because, “why else would they have a selection for a bus.”

The driver was cited for hitting a low-clearance structure and given a measly $154 fine.

Read more … Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


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