Google updates Earth

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Google updates Earth

Mountain View (CA) – Google is launching a new version of its Google Earth application today, adding new functionality and more support for Mac platforms.

One of the biggest additions in version 4.3 will be the ability to see “street view” maps.  Google launched street view to its online Google Maps program, giving clear pictures of individual residences in specific cities.

According to a post in the official Google Earth Blog, the new version will also have “imagery dates.”  This means that any picture within the application will show a date of when that photo was taken.

Also, more 3D buildings have been added and loading these models is quicker than before, and navigating through the 3D terrain is easier with new controls.

Finally, Flash support has been added for Mac users, and real-time day/night lighting makes it more realistic.

The new version of Google Earth will be available today from