112 million Americans have access to broadband Internet

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112 million Americans have access to broadband Internet

49% of American adults (ages 18 and older) are surfing the Internet via high-speed connections, a new study published by media research firm Scarborough Research found. However, there is a huge divide regional use and availability of broadband Internet.

According to Scarborough, high-speed Internet use is most common in San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose with a 62% penetration. You are least likely to find broadband users in Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA, where only 29% of adults have access to broadband Internet. Above average areas include Boston, San Diego, Honolulu, Seattle, Washington D.C., Austin, Providence, Atlanta, Phoenix, New York, Orlando, Miami, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, West Palm Beach, Kansas City, Detroit, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas and Denver.

Below average areas include, among others, Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, Portland, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Memphis and Albuquerque.