Next PS3 firmware to include DTS-HD Master Audio

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Next PS3 firmware to include DTS-HD Master Audio

Foster City (CA) – The Playstation 3’s firmware update slated for next week is anticipated because of its makeover to the online Playstation Store platform, but another big update will also be included with the ability to have high-end audio output for Blu-ray Discs.

With the new firmware, the PS3 will finally support DTS-HD Master Audio, which is considered just about the best audio technology available for video playback.

Audiophiles have criticized the PS3 for not supporting the high-end DTS format, which is able to play back an uncompromised version of the original master recording.  To date, DTS-HD functionality has been one of the only reasons to buy a standalone Blu-ray Disc player over the PS3.

According to a post at the official Playstation blog, the firmware update will also add support for Resolution Audio, “a similar output technology that requires less disc space.”

Additionally, the new firmware, version 2.30, will completely change the Playstation Store, the PS3’s digital download outlet.  It will become a proprietary application instead of the current Web-based format, allowing users to have more seamless navigation and quicker download times.

The new firmware should be available next week, in time for the Playstation Store’s content update on April 17.


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