Electronic Arts extends license of Unreal Engine 3

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Electronic Arts extends license of Unreal Engine 3

Electronic Arts has extended its license for Epic’s Unreal Engine 3. Originally signed in 2006, this deal enabled EA to create titles such as Medal of Honor Airborne and Army of Two. The new deal covers at least five games, which leads us to believe that millions of dollars exchanged hands.

This continuation gives EA the rights to continue developing titles such as the upcoming Tiberium, a tactical shooter positioned within the Command & Conquer universe (developed by EA Los Angeles, the studio behind Medal of Honor and C&C3: Tiberium Wars). Since the Unreal Engine is modular, we wonder whether the next Need for Speed will head into a more realistic direction. FIFA/Madden/NHL could also use some graphic and physics improvements.

Titles based on the engine will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC – EA’s press release touts next-generation consoles and Direct 10 PCs. Of course, this statement really refers current generation consoles, since Epic is developing its Unreal Engine 4 for the PlayStation 4/Xbox 4.