Apple ‘s 3G iPhone to be priced from $399

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Apple 's 3G iPhone to be priced from $399

Chicago (IL) – We just came across a few more interesting 3G iPhone details. Industry sources told TG Daily that the device in fact will launch at WWDC 2008, in two or possible three different configurations, and prices starting at $399. There are a few other tweaks, which, however, may be less than you would expect from a next-gen iPhone.

We aren’t quite sure about the reasons why we are suddenly getting a lot more information about Apple products than we used to in the past and whether these are intentional leaks or just leaks that Apple just has to deal with as it is growing into a much larger entity than it was a few years ago.

These thoughts put aside, prices of the 3G iPhone may be what most of potential buyers may be interested in. Our sources told us that there will be at least two models, one with 8 GB and one with 16 GB memory, priced at $399 and $499, respectively. This pricing structure is identical to current iPhones There is a chance that we could see a 32 GB version for $599, but we were not able to receive a confirmation for this claim.

The iPhone itself will come with a slightly thinner body, which sheds about 2.5 mm when compared to the original iPhone. The casing, we are told, will see revisions in its appearance, removing some of the “plasticky” feeling of some parts. There will not be any significant changes to the operating system as well as the graphical user interface, but we did hear that the accelerometer has been tuned a bit. Unfortunately, Apple decided to stick with a non-removable battery.

To get the details on the whole package we will have to wait for another 63 days. In 63 days, at 9:30 am PST, all questions will be answered. Oh, we almost forgot: Apple is also now working in tic-tock mode between iPhone and iPod Touch. iPod touch should always have a twice the capacity model for the same price as iPhone. Just like iPod touch 32 GB today has the price of 16 GB iPhone, future iPhones and iPods will be parallel: when the 64 GB iPod touch debuts, you can expect that the touch model will continue to have a price match in the form of a 32 GB 3G iPhone.

Lastly, we still have that “two Golden Gate bridges” thingy. It is actually a symbol for the separation between the iPhone/iPod and Mac, we were told. Apple’s goal is to be building a software development infrastructure for the handheld OS, so expect a ton of sessions and workshops that will help developers to create new applications.


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