Next PSP firmware to have added PS1, PS3 functionality

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Next PSP firmware to have added PS1, PS3 functionality

Foster City (CA) – Sony has released details for the next firmware update to its handheld PSP system, bringing more functionality to the Playstation 3 “remote play” feature and also more customization for playback of Playstation 1 games.

According to a post on the official Playstation blog, PSP firmware 3.95 will include the ability to customize the button mapping for playing PSone games purchased from the digital download Playstation Store.

A new custom button assign option will appear under the PSP’s menu when playing PSone titles, allowing users to tailor the portable device to the ergonomics they want, either as a permanent setting or for specific games.

Additionally, when users exit the PS3 via the PSP’s remote play, they can opt to either turn off the PS3 or keep it on.

As always, users will be able to download the firmware update directly through the PSP’s online connection or by downloading it on a computer and transferring it to the device.

Sony says the update will be “available shortly.”