Bill Gates says Vista successor possible next year

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Bill Gates says Vista successor possible next year

Redmond (WA) – Bill Gates has given a possible release date of “sometime in the next year or so” for the next version of Microsoft’s home operating system, Windows 7.

According to a quote from BBC, during a meeting with the Inter-American Development Bank, Gates said the Vista successor could come as early as 2009.

The expected release date had been some time in 2010, and Microsoft spokespeople have backed up that idea.  However, during a question-and-answer session at the IADB meeting, Gates said, “sometime in the next year or so … we’ll have a new version” of Windows.

Gates also added that he was “super-enthused” about the new features that Windows 7 will offer, but did not elaborate any further.

TG Daily got a look at Windows 7 Milestone 1 earlier this year. Softpedia says Milestone 2 is expected to be done some time in the next month and a half.

Windows 7, previously codenamed Blackcomb Vienna, will include
such features as touchscreen functionality and a smaller kernel that
only uses 40 MB of memory.  It also reportedly only takes 10 minutes to

Additionally, a new version of Windows Media Center will be available alongside the new OS.  The new operating system is expected to ship to manufacturers beginning in the second half of 2009.

7 Milestone 1 uses the Vista Ultimate display profile and
specification.  When Vista was launched, it was part of Microsoft’s
biggest launch event ever, but consumers have been tepid about
upgrading from Windows XP.  The first Service Pack for Vista was set to
be available in the early part of 2008.


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