FBI says cyber crimes reach all-time high

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FBI says cyber crimes reach all-time high

Washington (DC) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported that in 2007, Internet crimes were higher than ever before, with the cost of such crimes reaching nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.

The governmental body said that over 206,000 official complaints were filed, but added that many more cyber offenses were undoubtedly committed with no consequence.

In 2006, the cost of cyber crimes was reported to be just under $200 million.  Last year it jumped up to around $250 million.

“What this report does not show is how often this type of activity goes unreported,” said the assistant director of FBI’s cyber division James E. Finch.

According to the FBI’s annual report on cyber crimes, online auction fraud and computer intrusions were the two most common types of attacks.

Per complaint, the median loss was $680.


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