97% of CPU market consists of sub-$200 processors

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97% of CPU market consists of sub-$200 processors

The pricing structure of AMD’s processor lineup is one of the big concern for financial analysts these days, but it appears that AMD in fact has positioned most of its products right where the market is. Enthusiast website Fudzilla got a hold of market data provided by Mercury Research, which suggest that 96.6% of the processor market is occupied by sub-$200 products.

Transferred to the current tray-pricelists, this means that all of AMD’s dual-core desktop processors are sold below $200, while only one mobile CPU (Turion X2 TL-60) is below that mark. Most of Intel’s desktop dual-core processors are priced in the sub-$200 segment, with the exception of the versions Core 2 Duo E8500, E6850, E6700 and E6600. Interestingly, Intel also does not offer a mobile dual-core processor below $200 at this time.  

In absolute numbers, Intel currently offers 19 different dual-core desktop processors below $200, while AMD offers only 14.