Ebay raises fee for selling digital downloads

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Ebay raises fee for selling digital downloads

San Francisco (CA) – If you were making a lucrative business selling legitimate downloadable material on Ebay, it has suddenly become much less lucrative as the auction site now requires you to make these sales through Ebay Classifieds, a service that costs the seller $10 per month.

Ebay said the objective of this was to prevent feedback abuse.  “This ease of replication
creates the opportunity for sellers to list thousands of the same item
in an attempt to manipulate the feedback system. It also creates a
perception that even legitimate sellers of digital goods are
manipulating the feedback system. This dynamic–real and
perceived–undermines trust across the entire marketplace,” said the site in its official blog.

The Internet juggernaut said it considered other possibilities but ultimately decided that barring large-volume digital downloads from normal auction listings was the best option.