Nearly three-fourths of the country are gamers: report

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Nearly three-fourths of the country are gamers: report

Port Washington (NY) – In a report focusing more closely on the emergence of online gaming, industry tracker NPD released survey results that show 72% of the American population plays video games.

That is an eight percent increase over the NPD statistic from last year.  Among the national pool of participants, though, only 42% said they played online games, a little more than half of the entire gaming population.

Last year, that number was 40%.  Among online gamers, 90% said they play online PC games.  A modest 19% took their home consoles online and a marginal 3% said they played online games on their cell phones.  

According to the survey results, only 2% of the participants owned all three major home consoles. For online console gamers, the Xbox 360 was the most popular choice.  Additionally, NPD found that the 18-24 age group only accounted for 10% of online gamers in the survey.

“There is still a large, untapped market for gaming in general and online gaming in particular,” said NPD’s Anita Frazier.

The data was collected from 20,240 NPD Consumer Panel members between January 11 and February 5.