Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.1 update

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Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.1 update

Las Vegas (NV) – Microsoft has unveiled a new update to its mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1.  The improved version of the platform designed for mobile phones and PDAs brings a handful of enhanced features, most notably a new tailored Internet browser.

A full custom version of Internet Explorer 6 is now included with the operating system, allowing better control of Web pages using mobile controls.

This makes it easier to access multimedia content presented in Flash and Microsoft’s own Silverlight media streaming.  In addition, the 6.1 update improves the navigation and ease of access of other phone content and applications.

It also includes an update to the mobile version of Windows Live Search, allowing users to more easily find contact info or saved messages.  Microsoft also recently released details of an updated Windows Live Search for Windows desktop operating systems.

Other small updates are “threaded” text message conversations, allowing users to more easily look at previous messages with the same contact, and a more seamless Bluetooth pairing interface.

The updated Windows Mobile OS is expected to be available in the second half of this year.