VIDEO – Bangkok International Motor Show press day spectacle

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VIDEO – Bangkok International Motor Show press day spectacle

Bangkok (Thailand) – At TG Daily we strive to bring you the very best coverage of events around the world.  Sometimes that means lugging a heavy digital camera, hi-def camcorder and a laptop around to steamy parts of the world like Thailand, but we do it for you, our loyal readers. For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to attend the 29th International Motor Show here are some videos to show you what you’re missing.

We posted our initial set of pictures from the press day at the link below.  Here is short video of the musical spectacle that the major car companies put on for all of the reporters.

Of course the main attraction at the show are the race queens/car models who lure attendees into the various car companies venues.  We don’t have an editor’s choice award for booth babes, but if we did have one it would go to Hankook Tires.  Watch the below video for irrefutable proof of the company’s awesomeness.

The 29th annual Bangkok International Motor Show continues until April 6th.   You can view more of our coverage at the links below.