Guitar Hero coming to Blackberry

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Guitar Hero coming to Blackberry

San Francisco (CA) – Mobile game specialist Hands-On Mobile announced today that it has teamed up with Activision to create a Blackberry version of Guitar Hero III.

There will be some obvious changes to the interface and game controls, but Hands-On feels it is a big opportunity.  “We are thrilled to bring this game to the BlackBerry platform for customers around the world,” said CTO Michael Temkin.

Although music games are typically very interactive in nature, the handheld sector has seen its fair share of titles in the genre.  Harmonix, famed creator of the game Rock Band, has a rhythm-based iPod game, and Dance Dance Revolution was once ported to the Game Boy Advance.

There will also be downloadable content available after the game’s release.  Starting off it will have 15 tracks out-of-the-box including Cherub Rock, Miss Murder and Trippin On A Hole.

The mobile game is set to be released later this month.


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