Macbook Air first to be hacked in contest

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Macbook Air first to be hacked in contest

Vancouver (WA) – During a contest in Vancouver where competitors tried to hack Windows, Linux and Apple computers, the Macbook Air was the first to be compromised, taking the winner just two minutes to break into Apple’s new thin notebook.

Security researcher Charlie Miller pointed a browser to a website with malicious code, and the computer did not even put up a fight.  The Macbook Air was installed with nothing more than the programs that come out-of-box.

Miller’s code won him $10,000, the grand prize set by organizers of the CanSecWest conference where the event was held.

Additionally, all entrants had to sign a non-disclosure agreement meaning they could not share the exploitative code used.  Apple will be informed first so it has a chance to combat the discovered hack.

Miller also broke into Apple’s iPhone last year.  As of Friday afternoon, the Windows and Linux notebook computers had not yet been hacked.