Samsung launches touch-screen Anycall phone

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Samsung launches touch-screen Anycall phone

Seoul (South Korea) – The trend of touch-screen mobile phones is getting bigger everyday.  Samsung today launched its latest iPhone competitor, the Anycall Haptic handset, which combines a complete touch-screen interface with standard phone buttons.

Samsung said this device is unique in the kind of touch-sensitive technology it uses.  The phone is able to simulate various sensations of using traditional electronic controls.  For example, when moving your finger on the screen to change the volume, it will feel like you are turning an old-school volume knob, says Samsung.

In total, 22 different kinds of these “haptic feedback” vibrations are built into the Anycall handset.  It also has a two megapixel camera, 3.2″ widescreen display, and digital TV reception.

Additionally, it comes packed with a fully tailored mobile Internet browser.

The Anycall Haptic is available in South Korea for around 700,000 won ($700).  It has not yet been confirmed for a US release.


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