Slysoft hacks Blu-ray’s latest copy protection

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Slysoft hacks Blu-ray's latest copy protection

Antigua (West Indies) – Renowned DVD burning software maker Slysoft has announced that it cracked Blu-ray Disc protections to allow users to burn copies of BD movies on to blank media.

The breakthrough is Slysoft’s cracking of the new protection technology known as BD+.  After installing the newest version of the company’s AnyDVD HD software, users are able to pop in a Blu-ray movie to their computer drive and immediately wipe out the encrypted data that prevents the content from being copied.

“With today’s release of version of AnyDVD HD it is now also possible to make backup security copies of Blu-ray discs protected with BD+,” said Slysoft.

BD+ was seen as a triumph for the Blu-ray format and for content providers fearful of movie pirating.  Previously, high-def discs relied on a platform called AACS.  However, that standard was quickly hacked and was actually deceptively easy for even amateur hackers to bypass.  BD+ was implemented last June.

Slysoft sells the AnyDVD HD software on its website for around 79 euros ($122).