Hackers already tearing into iPhone 2.0

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Hackers already tearing into iPhone 2.0

Although the new iPhone firmware won’t be released to the public until this summer, hackers have already found their way into the inner workings of the next-gen phone update and cracked the code.

Apple opened up the new iPhone software to developers last week, but they only have access to an emulator of the iPhone 2.0 firmware.  The iPhone has become a veritable hot spot for hackers to test out their code-breaking chops, so it was really only a matter of time before this happened.

For it to happen just a week after the announcement, though, is rather surprising.  The hack allows developers to go right into the iPhone system without paying the $100 annual fee to gain access to the device’s software development kit.

The iPhone was released last June, and by July the handheld was already “jailbroken,” a term used to signify that key barriers are taken down to give third-party developers full reign on unofficial software creation for the device.

The new round of hacks may be more serious than the last time, because according to media reports they are able to completely bypass the iPhone’s initial start-up check.  Up until now, Apple has been able to force new updates on iPhone users, locking the device for anyone who tampered with it.

However, with the new hacks Apple would be powerless to fight back using the same method.

The new firmware update will open up the iPhone to third-party developers, exploding the possibilities of new applications.  If hackers exploit this security flaw it could bring trouble alongside these possibilities.