BioShock 2 in the works, arrives in 2009

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BioShock 2 in the works, arrives in 2009

New York (NY) – During its quarterly conference, executives of 2K announced BioShock 2 and finally answered rumors of its sequel to the 2007 mega-hit, BioShock.

Three months ago, a new game development studio called 2K Marin opened its doors, and it was rumored that they are working on a sequel to BioShock. At the same time, the destiny of the 2K Boston/Australia team was uncertain, since head of 2K Boston, Ken Levine was stating that he is going to work on a sequel.

After the quarterly conference call, all is now clear. 2K Marin is going to develop BioShock 2 for Xbox 360 and PC platform, utilizing new technologies that were placed in Unreal Engine 3.

Ken Levine is going to have a supervisor role in development of BioShock 2, but it is obvious that 2K Boston/Australia is cooking something big. It could even be fourth franchise for 2K Games, following GTA, Max Payne and BioShock.

Personally, I am looking forward seeing 2K Games developing BioShock into a franchise, because this just might be the world that really deserved expanding. If Fallout was the weird world of 1990s, seeing BioShock’s weird world as alternative world for 2000s – is something that I’ll gladly sign for!

Unlike some publishers which managed to ruin their franchises, track record of 2K Games and is more than excellent: Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne are really shiny examples in gaming industry as whole. GTA IV is scheduled for debut in April 2008, while the Max Payne movie has just begun production.


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