Audiosurf rules Steam’s February sales

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Audiosurf rules Steam's February sales

Bellevue (WA) – Valve has begun releasing statistics for its Steam service, which currently reaches more than 15 million subscribers and has grown into one of the major game distribution platforms. Other than you might expect, it isn’t the Bioshock & Co bunch that is dominating the Steam charts.

We were a bit surprised to hear the some information about the sales results for February: Instead of seeing a high profile game sitting on top, such as BioShock, Call of Duty 4 or The Orange Box, the best selling title in February was a title called Audiosurf.

We have to point out the fact that Doug Lombardi, vice president at Valve did not release the top-10 sales and more importantly the number of sold titles, which somewhat disappointed us. Still, this is a good start.

If you haven’t heard about Audiosurf, this independent game was created by just one guy and is reminiscent of Guitar Hero/Rock Band. However, in Audiosurf you don’t play music, you actually race music. The goal is to hit as much notes as possible. Multiplayer mode is also supported (see a video of the game here).

The success of Audiosurf brings to mind Steam’s biggest independent hit so far: Darwinia was a surprise hit that was created by three young Brits from Introversion Software. That low-budget strategy game had more fun and game play than majority of titles in 2006, and Audiosurf is doing its best to charter a course for small and independent games.

Audiosurf is offered via Steam or for $10.

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