Another Balance Board game coming to Wii

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Another Balance Board game coming to Wii

Agoura (CA) – THQ has announced a new Wii and DS game geared towards girls, and on the Wii it will include support for the Balance Board controller.

The game is being developed by Gorilla, and it is the first title for the company on the DS and Wii.  It is called All Star Cheer Squad and is set for release in the US later this year.  

THQ calls it the “first-ever cheerleading video game.”  The company even got together with choreographer Tony G.  The game is also the second non-Nintendo title to have confirmed support for the Balance Board, a controller that users stand on and control with their feet.  That controller will come packed in with Wii Fit later this year.

The game is set to come out this fall, and so far has only been confirmed for the US.