We Ski for Wii to hit US this spring

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We Ski for Wii to hit US this spring

Brentwood (CA) – The first third-party Wii game to use the Wii Fit Balance Board has been confirmed for a stateside release.

The game came out earlier this year in Japan and has been used by Nintendo as a model of how developers can use the Wii’s new Balance Board controller for other game experiences.

The Balance Board will come packed in with Wii Fit, which comes out in the US on May 19.  It functions as a weight scale but can also measure change in movement while users stand on it.

We Ski will be playable with just the Wii Remote and nunchuck, but users can also add the Balance Board to give it a more realistic feeling.

Namco Bandai said the game will come out to North America “this spring”.