Man kills daughter after she broke his Xbox

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Man kills daughter after she broke his Xbox

Philadelphia (PA) – Tyrone Spellman has been convicted of murdering his daughter, in an angry rage that was ignited because she knocked over his Xbox.

According to media reports, Spellman’s daughter Alayiah pulled on the cords of the Xbox, causing the system to fall down and break.  Spellman then struck his daughter so hard that he cracked her skull, said prosecutors.  He may also have thrown her across the room, according to initial claims.

Spellman, who confessed to the crime within 24 hours, originally told the police that Alayiah fell out of her bed, and then tried to claim his confession was only out of protection for his wife.  Spellman’s wife was asleep during the incident.

The Department of Human Services had previously been tipped by an anonymous caller that Alayiah’s parents were abusive, but they were previously unable to find any evidence.

Spellman was convicted of third-degree murder and child endangerment, and faces up to 47 years behind bars.