911 glitch allegedly leads to death, lawsuit

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911 glitch allegedly leads to death, lawsuit

Pittsburgh (PA) – A glitch at a local Pennsylvania 911 call center caused hundreds of calls to go unanswered and led to the death of at least one child, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

According to local media reports, John Kasecky found his five-month-old son unconscious and called 911.  He reportedly received a busy signal, and kept trying for nearly 20 minutes before turning to the local police department.

In that time, the suit alleges, Kasecky’s son lost color and his lips turned blue.  By the time the police-dispatched ambulance arrived, he was dead.

The lawsuit alleges that Overland Park, KS-based Embarq Corporation, which created the Pittsburgh system, was negligent in its creation and operation of the call center system.  Embarq also provides local home and mobile phone service.

According to the suit’s claims, the glitch lasted for more than six hours and prevented over 200 calls from being received.  The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages from Embarq.