Pudding Media’s free, voice-scanning, caller

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Pudding Media’s free, voice-scanning, caller

San Diego (CA) – Last week we reported on Pudding Media’s free VoIP calling service that scans your calls to place contextual ads.  Luckily, we were shown a demo of the service in action at the Demofall 07 conference in San Diego yesterday and you can view the video below.

The service runs entirely inside your web browser and serves up ad suggestions while you speak.  During the demo, Ariel Maislos, founder and CEO of Pudding Media, talked to his friend about his presentation and asked about restaurants in the San Diego area.  Within seconds, restaurant and bar information started popping up on the screen.  The audience got a good chuckle when Maislos mentioned Paris Hilton and several news articles appeared.

Hoping to allay privacy concerns, Maislos ended his demo by saying, “We’re not financed by the NSA or Mossad.”

Ruben Maislos, co-founder of Pudding Media and as you can probably guess Ariel’s brother, told us that it isn’t a big deal that they both worked for the Israeli military, adding, “In Israel, we all work for the military.”