New NBC shows pop up on iTunes

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New NBC shows pop up on iTunes

Burbank (CA) – Despite a war of egos between NBC and iTunes, Apple has listed two new NBC shows as available to download from the digital store.

Episodes of Journeyman and Chuck, two shows making their debut this month on NBC, are now available on iTunes.  Last month, NBC decided not to renew its contract with Apple, saying iTunes prices were too cheap.  Apple fired back by claiming it would refuse to offer new NBC shows in the fall.

However, Journeyman and Chuck are both produced by third-party companies.  20th Century Fox Television produces Journeyman and Warner Brothers produces Chuck.  Both of these content providers have valid contracts with iTunes.

Meanwhile, other NBC-produced shows such as Heroes and My Name is Earl do not appear on iTunes.  NBC has announced it will begin more aggressively promotion’s digital video store, Unbox.