Torrent site Demonoid temporarily shuts down

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Torrent site Demonoid temporarily shuts down

Vancouver (BC) –, a popular site for trading illegal torrent files, has been down for over 24 hours.

According to Torrent Freak, trackers have been inactive for the past day.  The site itself is also down for the time being.  Demonoid was one of largest trackers in the torrent world.

Much like other akin sites, Demonoid has faced mounting legal pressure from copyright holders and royalty groups.  Torrents have become a popular way for users to swap video files, reminiscent of the environment originally created by Napster.

However, legal action against torrent sites has proven to be a difficult process.  Demonoid made no announcement before going offline and it is still unclear what made the site shut down, at least temporarily.

The site had tracked over a million .torrent files.  Torrent Freak reports that the Canadian Recording Industry Association is behind the sudden downtime for Demonoid.