[email protected] project crosses the petaflop mark

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[email protected] project crosses the petaflop mark

Palo Alto (CA) – The medical research project’s processing capacity is now at more than one petaflop, with 80% of that coming from participating Playstation 3 users.

According to Stanford and Sony, partners in the project, the capacity now stands at one petaflop, more than 800 teraflops of which is coming from connected PS3 consoles.  The rest of the power is coming from Windows-based PCs and graphics processors.

PS3 users have the option of lending their console’s processing power to the project when it is in idle mode.

In April, Sony announced that 250,000 PS3 owners had signed up to participate. At that time the computing capacity for [email protected] was 700 teraflops.

The ambitious scientific research project, which requires constant calculation of highly intense models, is aimed at pinpointing root causes of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer, by studying protein folding.


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