Bomberman to explode on Wii, PSP, DS

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Bomberman to explode on Wii, PSP, DS

Redwood City (CA) – A new entry in the iconic party game is heading to the Wii, PSP, and DS next year.

Bomberman Land will be released on the three systems in January 2008.  The DS version will be titled Bomberman Land Touch 2.  Though it has not confirmed online play for the game yet, publisher Hudson says the game will have an extensive focus on the multiplayer component.

In addition to the classic battle mode that made the game franchise famous, Bomberman Land will include dozens of exclusive multiplayer mini-games.  The PSP and Wii versions will each have 50 mini-games, while the DS title will have 40.

According to Hudson, the only multiplayer mode will be for people who are in the same room.  The DS and PSP will allow multiple people within close range to play against each other, without requiring each one to have their own cartridge.  The DS will support single-pak play and the PSP will support game sharing.

Each version of the game is slated for release in January.