Halo 2 remains most popular Xbox Live title

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Halo 2 remains most popular Xbox Live title

Redmond (WA) – Despite a new console and several hyped online games over the past two years, the original Xbox’s Halo 2 has held its spot as the most played online game on Xbox Live.

Microsoft today announced updated statistics about its stance in the console war.  According to the latest data, the Xbox 360 now stands at more than 11.6 million consoles sold worldwide.  While the bulk of that is from the US, Microsoft says that number represents 37 countries where the platform is available.

The software giant also gave the most recent specifications on Xbox Live penetration.  Halo 2 still ranks as the most popular title played online, with Gears of War right behind it.  Hexic HD, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas, and Call of Duty 3 rounded out the list of the current top five XBL games.  In total, 3.2 billion hours of game time have been logged on Microsoft’s Xbox platform.

Over seven million users have signed up for Xbox Live, and Mirosoft expected that number to reach 10 million by this time next year.  The Xbox Live Arcade has also been successful.

According to Microsoft, nearly 70% of all consoles that have connected to the Internet have downloaded an XBL Arcade game.

Halo 3 is expected to eclipse Halo 2’s online play record for Microsoft, and is set for a major launch in five days (September 25).