Playstation 3 expands with PSP and PC functionality

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Playstation 3 expands with PSP and PC functionality

Tokyo (Japan) – Sony today announced details about enhancements it will bring to the PS3 to allow users more remote access from their PSP and PC systems.

The PSP “Remote Play” feature has been around for several months, expanding a few times to the point where it is possible for gamers to play PS3 games on their PSP via Wi-Fi.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment America president Kaz Hirai announced that users will soon also be able to put their PS3 in and out of sleep mode via the PSP without interrupting future communications between the devices.

Though he did not mention any specific games, Hirai also outlined the possibility of using the PSP as an “additional screen” for PS3 games.  This concept was first introduced with Sega’s Dreamcast system and LCD-screen memory cards, but Nintendo has been the one to really fly with it.  The DS and Wii have already made use of cross-platform in-game interoperability.

Additionally, Hirai announced that as of today, the PS3 online “Playstation Store” is accessible via personal computers.  The digital download store allows gamers to purchase games that are immediately playable on the system.  It also contains game add-ons, movie trailers and custom wallpaper.