Intel’s Penryn refresh platform to integrate support for Blu-ray, HD DVD

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Intel's Penryn refresh platform to integrate support for Blu-ray, HD DVD

San Francisco (CA) – Intel will update its mobile Penryn processor, which is scheduled to launch as part of the current “Santa Rosa” platform late this year, with the “Montevina” platform in the first half of 2008.

The upgrades in Montevina will be fairly significant and include, as previously announced, the Cantiga main chipset, the Wi-Fi/Wimax wireless chipset Echo Peak, the Boaz Ethernet chip and an updated version of Turbo Memory. Another new feature of Montevina was made official today: The ICH10 Southbridge, part of the Cantiga chipset, will integrate support for Blu-ray and HD DVD playback – which means that Montevina notebooks will not need a discrete graphics card to display high definition content from such media on the screen.  

HD DVD/Blu-ray support does not come unexpected and is simply realized by support HDCP directly through the chipset. According to industry sources, ICH10 will bring a range of other changes, including the removal of legacy support for Windows 2000 and the addition of support for Intel’s hardware-based disk encryption technology known as Danbury.

Montevina will be compatible with the processors Wolfdale, Conroe, Kentsfield, Yorkfield, Allendale, Ridgefield, Millville and Perryvile, we heard. Supported front side bus speeds are FSB533, 667, 800, 1066, 1333 and 1600; The platform can be configured to connect to DDR2 (533, 667 and 800 MHz) and DDR3 memory (800, 1066, 1333 and 1600 MHz).

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