Euro retailer puts out Halo 3 days in advance

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Euro retailer puts out Halo 3 days in advance

Longon (England) – European retailer Argos has reportedly begun selling copies of Halo 3, about a week before its scheduled release date.

Screenshots from Halo 3 (12 images) …Users have been posting pictures of the game at, along with photos of receipts from the UK store.  The street date for the game is September 25, though most if not all retailers in the US and UK have probably already received their shipments from Microsoft.

The game is expected to generate a lot of excitement, with one of the most widespread midnight launch plans throughout North America.  Many retailers will be opening early or staying open late to allow gamers to buy the game the minute the date changes to Sep. 25.

There have been numerous cases of stores selling high-profile games in advance of the dates set by the publisher.  Microsoft can not press any sort of legal charges, but it can hurt the retailer by failing to ship future releases to it.

Halo 3 will be available in three different versions ranging from $60 to $130, with premium sets including bonus material.  A special Halo 3 version of the Xbox 360 will also be released on the same day.


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