New York election glitch causes zero-zero vote

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New York election glitch causes zero-zero vote

Granby (NY) – A local election in Oswego County, New York suffered a technical glitch causing the outcome for town supervisor to end in a 0-0 tie.

The Oswego County Board of Elections website has posted an announcement saying that no votes were cast in the primary race for the Republican candidate for Granby town supervisor.  It shows Kathy A. Duncan and Edward A. Williamson each with 0 votes.

According to a local news report, the voting machine software for the election was not operational until 2:45 PM.  In the remaining hours of the election day no one cast a vote in the town supervisor race.

The other candidate races in the primary vote seem to have been unaffected by the glitch.

In most cities, the winner of a tie vote is determined by some sort of random chance outcome, such as flipping a coin or drawing a name out of a hat.  Oswego County has not made an announcement as to what will happen in this case.