Former Boeing engineer claims 787 is unsafe

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Former Boeing engineer claims 787 is unsafe

Seattle (WA) – A fired Boeing senior aerospace engineer says the company’s upcoming 787 Dreamliner airplane is unsafe.  Vince Weldon, who worked for Boeing for 46 years, claims the mostly composite plastic plane will be weaker in crashes than comparable metal planes.  He also says toxic fumes will be released from the burning wreckage.

Weldon is trying to prevent the FAA from certifying the plane and wants Boeing to spend several more years testing the plane.  The Dreamliner is the first commercial passenger jet that uses mostly composite materials instead of traditional metals like steel and aluminum.

Weldon was fired last year and tried to claim whistleblower protection through the OSHA.  The agency denied his claim.

Boeing is vigorously denying any claims that the 787 Dreamliner is more dangerous than metal airplanes.  Boeing spokesperson Lori Gunter told the Seattle Times that Boing wouldn’t create an unsafe product and added, “We fly on those airplanes. Our children fly on those airplanes.”