One-third of social networkers lie about themselves

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One-third of social networkers lie about themselves

London (England) – That online profile of a 21-year-old busty blonde may just have been written by a man, according to a British market research firm eMedia.  The firm discovered that almost one out of three social networkers lie about their personal information.  eMedia surveyed 100 people and found that many worried about the safety of their personal information and 31% entered false information.

Of course, a sample size of 100 people is probably not that scientific, but it does give us a glimpse into possible trends.  eMedia found that 81% of those survey used social networking type sites and the two most popular ones were MySpace and YouTube.  Those sites garnered a commanding 89 and 88 percent usage rates respectively.

Social networking isn’t just confined to your off hours as 48% of those surveyed admitted to using the sites at work.  24% said they logged in everyday.

So what does all this false information mean?  Well the folks over at The Register had an interesting take on the survey.  Andrew Orlowski believes much of the marketing data used to sell ads on popular sites like MySpace and FaceBook is meaningless.  Often the gender isn’t correct and the age is often off by decades.  In Orlowski’s case, he entered 1900 as his birthdate and many sites believe he’s over 100 years old.