Sprint launches device to get better indoor reception

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Sprint launches device to get better indoor reception

Reston (VA) – Sprint has launched a device that helps a mostly-overlooked problem – boosting cell phone reception indoors.

The Airave is designed to provide better access to mobile service while indoors.  This is an issue for people who live in rural areas, areas in between cell phone towers, and also for workers who lose reception in the middle of a large office building.

The device feeds off a local broadband Internet connection to create its own portable service tower.  According to Sprint, cell phones within the short range of the Airave will automatically lock on to its signal, and then revert back to standard reception when outside.  It works with most cell phones and most providers, not just Sprint.

The box itself costs $50, and users must pay $15 a month to keep it working, so it’s not a cheap fix.  Currently it is only available in test markets, namely Denver and Indianapolis.