O2 gets nod for UK iPhone

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O2 gets nod for UK iPhone

London (England) – Britons eagerly waiting for their own version of the iPhone now have a service provider confirmed for the local November 9th launch.

UK service provider O2 has been confirmed as the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in its first launch outside North America.

The phone will be the exact same model that has already sold more than a million units in the US, complete with the requirement to have an iTunes account before the device can be activated.

The 8 GB iPhone will launch in the UK on November 9 for a retail price of £269 ($538).  That’s less than the original cost of the same model in the US, but considerably more than the the current street price after Apple’s $200 price cut earlier this month.

Service plans will begin at £35 ($70) per month for unlimited data access.